BMS Athletics Letter to Families

Hello Black Mountain Families and Athletes,

The Athletic Director is working very hard to have a modified sports program for all sports this year. We have to be very diligent on following the Covid- 19 guidelines, so we don’t have an outbreak within our programs that would cause us to shut sports down. I know it will take some getting use to, but we can do this.

If you are interested in sports please start the process of getting your SPORTS PHYSICAL done. If your doctor has a copy from last year, just ask them for a copy and that will cover you for this year. Unfortunately, those of you that had free physicals last year, we do not have copies of those. You will need to get a new one for this year. Athletes and parents, there will be phases to all sports workouts as given by AIA. All athletes will have their temperature checked at every practice and competition.

Further announcements will follow in the next two weeks we will keep you updated when sports will start and the appropriate phases. Thank you, Panthers, for working with us and being patient as we get things put together.

Daniel Emborsky III M.S.EDL
TOA/Dean of Students,
Athletic Director,
Black Mountain School