Letter to BMS 8th Grade Class of 2021

Letter to the 8th Grade Class of 2021 of Black Mountain School

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Letter to the 8th Grade Class of 2021: Black Mountain School

Very Special Years

This year marks a pivotal moment. You are the last class in which I was a third grade classroom teacher. 

It marks the start of a journey. The simple definition of a journey is traveling from one place to another. At this time, you are traveling from one place to another as you enter high school and continue to pursue the responsibilities of adulthood that signifies your personal pursuits of happiness. In retrospect, I feel that you should also hear about the impact you have had on my own journey as well. 

As educators, we hope to prepare you for your futures and yet, you should know that you have inspired mine on an exponential level. You are a class that challenged me everyday; you are students that never allowed me a ‘free pass’; there was never a ‘wing it’ moment. You kept me on my toes and taught me more in one year than any other year I had been a teacher. Nights and weekends were spent preparing lessons that kept you engaged, met your individual needs, brought about collaboration, and encouraged you to take chances. 


While I was trying to prepare you to be a leader; you prepared me to become a leader.  

You are a class of warriors. Even when you don’t realize it; you are persistent and you persevere. Even in your darkest of times, you come together and stand by one another despite the opposition. You share your strengths and acknowledge the strength of others; you are a mighty and unified force. You may feel fear but choose to pursue tasks with a brave heart because you realize the bigger picture. The picture of your future, your path, your achievements, your excellence.


While I was trying to prepare you to be warriors, you prepared me to become a warrior. 

I can not stress enough that in all of my years of preparing students for their futures, the influence you have had in my own future has been immense. It is a treasured part in , quite frankly, who I am and strive to be. I am grateful for all of you and feel so honored to be a part of your lives. 

In your honor and in the honor of all students; together we will stride ahead with compassion, intelligence, courage, and integrity.  We will be a part of a collaborative unit that shares the same ideals; that of which is academic, social and emotional excellence. With  our comrades, we will persevere; just as we always have. We will acknowledge fear of the unknown and move forward with a brave heart. 

Thank you for teaching me all of these wonderful things. Thank you for providing not just me, but all of us at Black Mountain School, these very special years.

As I gaze my eyes upon our now 9th graders, with all of my heart trust this: 

You are leaders, you are warriors, you will persevere, and you are excellent in every way! On behalf of Black Mountain School we wish you nothing but success on your journeys. Congratulations on your current success and all of your courageous and future endeavors!


 Debra A. Kelly, Assistant Principal