We hope the following information will benefit the students and parents. When everyone is aware of the guidelines and follows the same procedures, we all benefit. The faculty and staff are here to be of help to the educational needs of every student.

Acceptable Use of Electronic Information Services

All Kingman Unified School District Student Internet users are required to sign the Electronic Information Services User Agreement and abide by the terms and conditions. Kingman Unified School District does not authorize any use of the Internet that is not conducted strictly in compliance with this agreement.

The Internet offers a diverse and unique resource for parents, students and teachers. The District's goal is to provide this service to staff and students to promote educational excellence by facilitating resource sharing and communication.

Parents need to be aware that is is impossible for the School District to restrict access to all controversial materials acquired by the use of the electronic information services. Those sites that are known to be inappropriate will be blocked so that they cannot be accessed. As new sites are added to the Internet daily, students may gain access to information and communications which they or their parent(s) or guardian(s) may find inappropriate, offensive, or controversial. Parent(s)/guardian(s) assume these risks by consenting to allow the students to participate in the use of the Internet. All computers may be monitored by District employees for inappropriate use and the appropriate actions will be taken.

Students in 2nd- 8th grades will be instructed on Acceptable Use. The guidelines are as follows:

  • Use the EIS for educational purposes only.
  • Agree not to submit, publish, display, or retrieve any defamatory, inaccurate, abusive, obscene, profane, threatening, racially offensive, or illegal material.
  • Abide by all copyright regulations.
  • Not to use the EIS for commercial purposes.
  • Do not harm, modify, or destroy hardware, software, or interfere with system security.
  • Not to reveal home addresses or personal phone numbers.
  • Understand that electronic mail is not private.
  • Not to use the network in any way that would disrupt the use of the network by others.

In order to use the internet in the classrooms or Computer lab, all students and their parent(s) or guardian(s) must sign the following agreement.



Please read this document carefully. When signed it becomes a binding agreement.

Terms and conditions

Acceptable use. I will use the service to support personal educational objectives within the educational goals and objective of the Kingman Unified School District. Inappropriate use may result in cancellation of use of information services and/or appropriate disciplinary action. I will not submit, publish, display or retrieve materials forbidden by statutes, laws, or District policies and regulations.

Personal responsibility. I will report any misuse of the information service to a teacher or librarian.

Services. The Kingman Unified School District specifically denies any responsibility for the accuracy of information. While the District will make an effort to ensure access to proper materials, the user has the ultimate responsibility for how the electronic information service is used and bears the risk of reliance on the information obtained.

I have read and agree to abide by the School District policy and regulations on appropriate use of the electronic information system. I understand that any violation of the above terms and conditions may result in disciplinary action, loss of credit, and revocation of my use of information services.

Student's Name (print): _____________________________________________________________

Student's Signature: ____________________________________ Date: ______________________

School: _________________________________________ Grade: ___________________________

A student must also have the signature of a parent or guardian who has read and will uphold this agreement.

Parent or Guardian Cosigner

As the parent or guardian of this student, I have read this agreement and understand it. I understand that is impossible for the school District to restrict access to all controversial materials acquired by use of the information services. Misuse may come in many forms, but can be viewed as any sites that indicate or suggest pornography, unethical or illegal solicitation, racism, sexism, inappropriate language, or other issue describe in the agreement.

I hereby give my permission to have my student use electronic information services.

Parent/Guardian Name (print): ________________________________________________________

Parent/Guardian Signature: ______________________________________ Date: _______________

Any signature found to be fraudulent will result in the revocation of electronic information services

Attendance and Tardy Policy

All students are expected to be on time and prepared to work. Regular attendance is essential to success in school. A student not only misses work on the day of absence, but is not prepared for the next day because of missing instruction.

If a student is absent, please call the absence line at 565-2025. This service is available 24 hours a day. Please leave the child's first and last name, explanation for absence, teacher's name, date and day of absence, and when you expect your child to return. Please give an explanation for your child's absence more clearly than "they are sick." The State Board of Education requires you to be more specific, for example: fever, flu, stomachache, chicken pox, cold, sore throat, etc. Every absence must be followed by a note from home stating the nature of the absence. If communication with the school is not made, the school must contact the parent. Absences shall be excused only for necessary and important reasons. Such reasons include illness, bereavement, other family emergencies and observance of major religious holidays of the family's faith. Baby-sitting for siblings, "needed at home" and extended periods of head lice are not considered excused absences. If your child misses class without an excuse from you, they will be considered truant. Any student found to be ditching will be given an Arizona State citation for truancy.

Postpone out of town trips. Do not extend school holidays. According to Arizona State Law, a student who has been absent due to illness or vacation for ten or more consecutive days will be withdrawn. It will be necessary for you to re-enroll your child upon his/her return to school. In the event of extended illness, documentation from the child's physician must be provided.

Get your child to school even if it means coming in tardy. If your child oversleeps or misses the bus, get him/her to school as soon as possible. If there is no transportation available, call your school and advise them. They may be able to help. A student who arrives late must report to the office to obtain a "late pass" which is given to the teacher. All students must bring a note with them stating why they are tardy to be excused. Students who go to class tardy will be sent back to the office by the teacher. This allows the office to correct the attendance report.

There are many excuses for being late, however, school starts at the same time each day and students are expected to be here, be ready, and be on time.

Every effort should be made to impress on students the importance of being to school on time. If tardiness becomes a problem our procedures are as follows (2nd - 8th Grade):

1st Tardy informed verbal reminder to student

2nd Tardy informal written reminder to student

3rd Tardy 2nd written reminder to student

4th Tardy letter sent home for parent signature to be returned next day

5th – 9th Tardy loss of recess & assignment of lunch detention

10th Tardy & up After school detention, & referral to school Resource Officer of the Mohave County Sheriff’s Dept. (No after school detention on Fridays, detention will be served on following school day)

Excessive absences or tardies can be a problem that ultimately affects a student's academic standing. Make your child's doctor, dental, etc., appointments after school hours. If your child must leave school during the day, please bring him/her back as soon as possible, thus missing only a portion of the day.

Bus Rules

For a safe and enjoyable ride to and from school, children should be reminded frequently about the rules of good behavior on the bus. Bus riding is a privilege - not a right. Inappropriate conduct at bus stops, on the buses, or in the process of boarding or disembarking a bus may result in denial of bus riding privileges.


  • Remain seated in your assigned seat until your scheduled bus stop.
  • Keep the aisles clear.
  • Use quiet voices. No yelling or vulgar language.
  • Keep hands, feet, arms, legs, head, and all objects to yourself and inside the bus.
  • Follow the directions of the bus driver.
  • Enter and leave the bus in an orderly manner.
  • No water implements of any kind.
  • Do not eat or drink on the bus.
  • These items are not allowed on the bus: balloons, animals, weapons, tobacco, lighters, matches, drugs, glass items, sports equipment, radios, CD or tape players, any item deemed unsafe for the bus.
  • Band instruments for band students may be carried on the bus but must be placed on the student's lap, vertically on the floor between the seat rows, or behind the handrails by the driver.
  • Students are accountable to school authorities for their conduct at the bus stop.

Parents/Guardians and Students:

  • Kindergarten students must have Parent/Guardian at their stop to disembark or they will be returned to the school for immediate pickup.
  • If there will be one day or a few days of change, please send notice in writing and sign it.
  • Students are not allowed to ride any bus other than their assigned bus, or get on or off at a different stop unless a written request is received from the parent or guardian and is signed by the principal.
  • For regular pick-up and drop-off at stops other than the student's home, a written request must be on file in the office.
  • Please remember that transportation changes taken over the phone have more possibility of error than a written message from home. For this reason we are unable to accommodate requests that are telephoned.
  • Please do not request sending children home earlier or later than their regular time with another sibling. Your request may be denied. You need to make arrangements in advance to prepare for emergency situations.
  • Students who cut, deface or otherwise damage any school property may be suspended from school and lose bus riding privileges. Their parents may be held liable for the property damage.

When school bus rules are consistently violated and/or cause danger to the students or drivers, the consequences that follow will occur:

The first occurrence, depending on the severity, will be a verbal warning. All occurrences may result in write-ups which can result in loss of bus riding privileges, depending on the severity of the infraction. For any infraction that is deemed serious enough by the building administrator and transportation supervisor, the student may be denied bus riding privileges for the entire school year! No child is excluded from riding the bus until parents/guardians are notified.

The driver shall issue a written warning note to give the student a chance to correct their behavior before disciplinary action is taken, and to inform parents of misbehavior on the bus.

1st Write-up - Following a warning note, the student will be suspended from all buses for a minimum of three (3) days.

2nd Write-up - The student will be suspended for five (5) days minimum from all buses, and a conference must be held with parents/guardians, student, bus driver, bus supervisor, and administrator before bus riding privileges will be reinstated.

3rd Write-up - The student will be suspended from all buses for a minimum of one (1) month or the remainder of the semester, whichever is longer.


There is no place students reveal their manners or reflect the training they have received at home more conspicuously than in the lunch room. Hot lunches can be purchased before school in the cafeteria. Students are expected to walk and talk quietly (use inside voices), treat all cafeteria staff with the respect all adults deserve, use proper manners and dispose of their trays, utensils and food in a responsible way. An area is available for those students who wish to bring their lunch from home but their conduct is expected to be as responsible as everyone else.

Food and beverages are not permitted outside the cafeteria at any time. The only exception to this is a school club's fund raising activity. This will be done outside in a designated area only. Clean up of this area will be the responsibility of the entire student body. A clean and litter free area will be maintained or this privilege may be taken away.

Breakfast/Lunch Program

Hot breakfasts and lunches are served everyday. Free or reduced meals are available to those who qualify. Forms are sent to parents at the beginning of the year or may be obtained anytime through the office. Please return them to the office staff. Students are allowed to have three charges for lunch at the elementary level only. No charging is allowed for middle school students. There is no charging for breakfast . Charges should be paid the next day. Remember it is your responsibility to provide money or a lunch for you child. Use of the phone for lunches is not an emergency.

Breakfast: $1.00 Elementary Lunch: $1.50 Middle School Lunch: $1.75 Adult Lunch: $2.50 Milk: 35¢

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact our school office or visit the District's Food Services web-site.

Care of School Property

We try to instill in students pride in the appearance of their school. Students must not mark school furniture, walls, ceilings, floors, or equipment with anything. Students must not tamper with fire alarms, fire extinguishers, plants, trees or any electrical system in the school. Anyone who willfully destroys school property through vandalism, arson or larceny, or who creates a hazard to the safety of our students will be referred to the proper law enforcement agency. Students and parents are requested to report incidents of destruction or vandalism to school property during and after school.

Change of Address/Telephone

It is extremely important that every student have an up-to-date address and working telephone number record at the school office. Carefully fill our emergency card information and notify the school immediately if you have a change of address or telephone number during the school year. Your written note should contain:

  • The child's first and last name.
  • The name of your child's teacher.
  • The information that needs to be updated.
  • The parent/guardian's name printed.
  • The parent/guardian's signature.
  • The date the information takes affect.

Contacting a Teacher

Teachers welcome your notes, emails and calls. Conferences can be easily arranged. The office will take messages anytime, and the teacher will return the call as soon as practical. Teachers are usually available after school for phone calls; they are not available during class time.

If you are concerned about something: Please follow this plan:

  1. Talk to the teacher first. Besides you, the teacher has the most direct contact with your child.
  2. Talk with the Principal or Assistant Principal.
  3. If the problem is still not resolved, the Principal will schedule a conference with all concerned people, or contact other appropriate school officials.

Contraband Policy

Any items not prescribed for use in the classroom should not be brought to school. Walkman, MP3s, or other electronic devices, balls or other sports equipment, stuffed animals, toys of any kind, Pokémon, Yu-Gi-Oh!, or other cards will be confiscated and disciplinary action will be taken. In many cases these items will be available for parents to pick-up in the office.

Expensive and breakable personal property can not be protected from breakage or loss.

Dress Code

Students are to wear standardized apparel as approved by the District office. The school not only provides an academic education but also supports parents and students about manners, dress, and grooming. These are all elements of good citizenship. Research has shown that students dress and appearance affect student academic achievement and behavior.

We expect students to maintain an appearance which is not distracting to teachers or other students or in any way disrupts the instructional program of the school. The administration has the right to question disruptive or inappropriate attire.

  1. Clothing which is not appropriate for school wear include: any shirt that has not been accepted as standardized apparel. Please check out approved retailers for standardized shirts.
  2. Symbols that are degrading, offensive, or gang related are not permitted. This includes metal-like spikes on clothing and jewelry or bandanas.
  3. Saggy pants are not permitted. Pants must be worn to cover undergarments, as well as buttoned and zipped properly. All pants must be belted to maintain an appropriate position between the waist and the hip.
  4. Shorts are permitted if they are hemmed and at mid-thigh. No cutoffs or short-shorts are allowed.
  5. Shoes worn to school should be sturdy enough to permit safe play at recess and/or physical education activities. Thong-type shoes or high heels are inappropriate and considered unsafe.
  6. Hats are to be worn outside only and with the bill frontward.
  7. Hats, caps, visors, bandanas, beanies, and hair nets are not to be worn in buildings or at school sponsored events.
  8. Sunglasses are not to be worn in the building
  9. Belts, wristbands, or other apparel with studs are not allowed. No chains, or wallets on chains are permitted.
  10. Students may not use markers or any other type of ink to write on themselves. Students will be asked to wash it off.
  11. Hair spray, perfume, combs, and brushes are not to be used in classrooms or in the cafeteria.

Early Dismissal

A request to have a student excused from class early should be sent with the student the morning of the dismissal. The time and reason for leaving should be included. When possible, medical and dental appointments should be made outside of school hours. The student will remain in the classroom until the teacher is notified by the office to release the student. The parent, or authorized person, must report to the office and sign the child out. The student will be called from the office. No student will be released from the classroom to anyone. This procedure will also be used if you need to pick up your student early and were not able to send advance notice.

Emergency Information

In case of an emergency, each student is required to have on file at the school office the following information:

  1. Parent(s) or guardian(s) name(s).
  2. Complete and up-to-date address.
  3. Home phone and parent(s) work phone (connected and working).
  4. Emergency phone number (connected and working) of friend or relative.
  5. Authorized person(s) allowed to pick up child. Only these people will be allowed to speak with the student or take him/her home.

If you move during the school year, notify the school immediately. The school needs a current address and phone number in case of an emergency.

Extracurricular Activities

Students participating in after school extracurricular activities are responsible for knowing their schedule of practices, meetings, and/or game times. All equipment and clothing they need must be brought with them. The office phone is not available for this use.

Some athletic activities may require a physical by your doctor. This is at the expense of the parent(s) or guardian(s).

Students wishing to stay on game days to watch must bring a note from home and have transportation arrangements made. No student is allowed to stay after school to watch practice.

Field Trips

Field trips are an important part of the curriculum. Permission slips must be signed by the parent and returned to the teacher before the child will be permitted to participate in the field trip. No permission will be taken over the phone. Children not enrolled at Black Mountain can not be transported on the bus. Only parent or guardian chaperones may attend the field trips.

Fire Drills and Lock Downs

Fire drills at regular intervals are required by law and are an important safety precaution. It is essential that when the first signal is given, everyone obeys promptly and leaves the building by the prescribed route as quickly and as quietly as possible. The teacher in each classroom will give the students instructions.

Parents are reminded that no weapons are allowed on campus, including but not limited to pocket knives, BB guns, sharp instruments, fireworks, and handguns. Parents are asked to support school safety by checking your child's backpack to ensure that inappropriate items are not brought to school.

In the event of a Homeland threat that would affect the Golden Valley area, our procedure will be as follows:

  1. The school will go into a modified lock down. All exterior doors will be locked.
  2. Our school day will continue as normal as possible.

However, if you wish to have your child with you, we ask that you follow our emergency checkout procedure.

Emergency Sign-out Procedure (Homeland Security)

  1. Parents/Guardians or those authorized to sign out students will be allowed into school by school administration.
  2. Checkout forms will be available to be completed and signed in the office. Please have Photo ID Ready.
  3. These checkout forms will be given to an assistant, who will get your student from class and escort them to the gym.
  4. The gym will be the pick-up area. You will be asked to initial checkout form and then given a copy. This will indicate that your student has been properly checked out.

Parents will receive prior notification when the school conducts a practice lock down drill. At a lock down drill, an announcement will be made, "This is a lock down drill". Students will be instructed to stay quietly in a designated place in their classrooms and no one will be allowed to enter the building or leave the building during the drill. Phone lines need to be kept free so that we, and any emergency personnel involved, can receive and implement safety information.

Whenever it becomes necessary for students to leave the classroom in an emergency, they are to stay with their teacher, or other school personnel, until the signal is given that it is okay to enter the building.

Head Lice

The Kingman Unified School District # 20 has encountered problems dealing with the outbreak and control of head lice in past years.

As a precautionary effort, the District has implemented some new procedures to help us effectively deal with head lice in our District Schools.

Please be informed that when a student is discovered with head lice, the nurse's office will send the student home with literature explaining the procedures that must be taken to effectively treat your child and decontaminate your home. Students will not be allowed back into class until they have been treated, which includes removing every nit (egg) from the hair. The student must be brought into the school by the parent to be cleared by the nurse's office in every instance. Do not put you child on the morning school bus.

To help in the early discovery of lice cases in the classrooms, each class will be checked by the nurse on a regular basis. This is not a random check, but a set scheduled check of each student in each class. Parents should also use this early discovery method at home. When preparing your child's hair for school, take a quick minute to check their hair for the presence of lice or their eggs.

Health Services/Illness/Injury

A Health Office is available during school hours. The Health Office endeavors to identify problems which might impede a child's maximum educational development.

An Audiometer test for hearing acuity and a test for visual acuity are administered in school at specified grade levels. The Health Office also oversees the immunization records for all the students at school.

Over the counter medicine must be supplied by the parent or guardian. Over the counter medication can be administered by the health nurse but not without written permission from the parent or guardian. Prescription medicine must be brought to school in the original container with a written note from the parent or guardian requesting that it be administered, at what times, and how much. Under no circumstances is any student to have medication in their possession. All medication must be brought to the office by the parent. It will be kept in the Health Office to be administered as needed or specified.

A student should not be sent to school if their illness would be detrimental to their classmates well being. If the student shows any signs of fever, stomach upset, rashes, etc., it is better to keep them at home. Please notify the school incase of contagious disease in order that the school may notify the parents of other children who have been exposed.

Injuries that occur elsewhere are not appropriate for care at school. This treatment is not a function of the school.

If a child becomes ill or injured at school, we will notify the parents/guardians immediately to pick up the child.

The nurse, by law, is not permitted to diagnose or treat illnesses nor provide other services normally provided by a doctor.

Inclement Weather Schedule

During the school year we may have days that are extremely cold, windy, or rainy. The school will be put on a "rainy day" schedule. Students are to report to their classrooms when they arrive, or after eating breakfast in the cafeteria. During their lunchtime, students will be asked to wait in the cafeteria for their teacher to pick them up.

Please plan ahead to make arrangements to prepare students to know exactly what to do if it is raining at dismissal time. Make certain your child is aware of the rainy day arrangements which may be different than the regular routine. Students who walk home will not be allowed to call home for rides.

Unless the weather is extremely cold, all students are expected to be on the playground before school, during recesses, and at lunch time. If your child can not be outside, you will need to send a note from your doctor stating the reason and the length of time. It may be in the child's best interest to stay home another day if his/her health is questionable. The child is to report to the lobby outside the office, not stay in the office, halls, or classroom. If at anytime the behavior falls below that which is acceptable, they will be asked to go outside unless a doctor's note is on file. In each case, students will be given appropriate consequences for their actions.

Lost and Found

Students are responsible for their personal property. The school cannot be responsible for lost money, books, etc. We ask that students not bring valuables to school. Please mark your child's coats, sweaters, lunch pails, etc. with their name, telephone number and teacher's name so they can be easily and quickly returned. Students and parents are encouraged to check for missing items. Articles found on campus with no identifying marks are kept in the lost and found rack in the lobby. Twice a year, Winter Break and the end of the school year, all clothing and backpacks not claimed are turned over to a charitable organization.

Make-Up Work

Students who have an excused absence have the privilege to make up class work missed. However, it is the student's responsibility to get the assignments from teachers. Students shall be allowed one day plus the number of days absent to complete the assignments. Students absent for extended periods may be given special consideration. Please allow teachers 24 hours to put homework together for students. Teachers have obligations and responsibilities during the day that limit their ability to respond to this request any sooner. Homework, requested for pick-up, will be located in the office. Students suspended will be expected to make-up work.

Supplies and Textbooks

Basic supplies and textbooks are provided free of charge to all elementary students in Arizona. Even though students are discouraged to bring items from home, your child's teacher can give you a list of any other items that are permissible in the classroom. Each student is responsible for the care of textbooks and library books. A charge will be assessed for lost or damaged books.

Use of Phone

The phone in the office is for business use only. Students will not be allowed to use the phone for lunches, to bring forgotten homework, or to make after school arrangements. Please don't ask the student to call you from school. You can leave a message in the office for your child and it will be delivered or they will receive it through the office mail. No student will be called from class for a personal phone call. Messages from parents or guardians only will be taken and delivered. Please honor our request in this manner. The less we disrupt our classes, the better the education for all students.


We encourage you to volunteer in the school, however, whenever you are on campus and need to be in the building, you are requested to come to the office first and register with us. You will be issued a visitor's pass. For your peace of mind and all of our students' safety, we ask that you follow this rule every time you are at school. Do no go to any class before checking into the office. If it should be necessary to speak with a student or teacher directly, the office personnel will make the proper arrangements.

Applications for school volunteers can be found in the office. Volunteers will need to go to the District Office in Kingman to have a picture ID badge made. School volunteers still need to follow the procedures for visitors.